DevOps Engineer

Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, FR

Company: Scandit

Category: Computer and Mathematical Occupations

Published on 2022-01-01T00:26:38.000000Z

At Scandit, we develop real-time computer vision solutions for smartphones, wearables and robots that combine modern machine learning approaches with computer vision. To expand our engineering team, we are looking for DevOps Engineers.

You will make sure our development infrastructure is fast and reliable, and developers get automated, timely, and relevant feedback. Thanks to you and the team, our developers are efficient and can produce high quality products at an impressive pace. You will be working with a team of in-house experts on Central European and Eastern European timezones.

Whether you’re a senior developer with a newfound interest in DevOps, or someone with just a couple of years of relevant experience in the field, this may be the job for you! We’re looking for generalists, and if you’re the type we’re looking for, the role can be adjusted according to your strengths. 

Our core product consists of advanced computer vision algorithms in a C++ engine. An adaptation layer makes the engine available for many different platforms. To name a few, we run CI and QA for Android, iPhoneOS, Linux, Windows, MacOS, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, and Capacitor. There are many ways of configuring the engine, depending on the use case.

The engineering challenge comes from building and testing with good coverage, and still having the pipelines provide fast feedback, all the while continuously developing better tooling and infrastructure for the engineering team.

*Please note that we are required to add a location to job ads but this role can be based remotely anywhere in France.*


Projects You Could Work On

  • Optimizing CI/CD pipelines for better performance and usability
  • Setting up and maintaining Kubernetes based CI/CD infrastructure
  • Developing dashboards in Python (Flask, FastAPI, Dash by Plotly)
  • Developing automated test tools targeting iPhoneOS, Android, and Linux (in Python)
  • Automating maintenance, alerting, and recovery tasks
  • Defining and documenting best practices, advocating a DevOps mindset
  • Helping your colleagues make the most of the infrastructure and tools provided
  • Provisioning and maintaining on-prem CI runners with Ansible
  • If you’re a C/C++ person, improve our build system and test tools for faster builds, tests, and better quality

Things We Care About

  • Quality of our software
  • Feedback time and reliability
  • Developer experience & productivity
  • Continuous improvement and learning
  • Agility
  • Work-life balance

Skill Requirements

  • Git
  • Docker
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Python (or strong experience with some other programming language)
  • Linux

Tools You Already Know Or Would Like To Learn

  • Gitlab
  • Orchestration tools such as Kubernetes
  • Monitoring systems (Grafana, Prometheus, Telegraf, ...)
  • Ansible
  • Terraform

What We Offer

  • A highly skilled and helpful team of international researchers, scientists and engineers to work with
  • An environment where you can put your enthusiasm for algorithmic challenges and cutting-edge technologies to use
  • Hackathons, Christmas fondue parties, company outings and other regular events
  • A lab with state-of-the-art hardware (such as a UR robot, Microsoft Hololens, Vuzix, Google Glass, etc.)
  • Flexible working hours

Who We Are

Scandit enables enterprises and consumers to change the way they interact with everyday objects and augment the physical world with real-time data captured by scanning barcodes and recognizing text, objects, and other visual identifiers using smartphones, tablets, wearables, drones and robots.

Scandit’s mobile data capture platform is built on proprietary computer vision, augmented reality, and machine learning technologies. Companies in industries such as retail, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare can use Scandit’s technology to create and power mobile apps for crucial enterprise workflows like mobile point of sale, mobile shopping, self-checkout, inventory management, and proof of delivery.

Many of the world’s most innovative and successful companies are benefiting from Scandit’s enterprise-grade mobile data capture platform, including Sephora, Nissan, DHL, and Levi Strauss & Co.

Scandit was founded by a group of researchers from ETH Zurich and MIT. The company is headquartered in Zurich and is also represented in Boston, London, Warsaw, Tokyo and Tampere. Over the years, our company has evolved into a world-class team of mobile image processing, cloud-computing and “Internet of Things” experts from around the globe.

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